9th Iberian Meeting in Asteroseismology

The space missions CoRoT (CNES/ESA), Kepler, and TESS (NASA) started a golden era for Asteroseismology, which drove great discoveries and advances in stellar interior and evolution theories. The future is bright with ESA’s PLATO space mission and possibly HAYDN (next ESA M missions proposal) promising to raise the number of known oscillating stars by several orders of magnitude, including clusters. And we must not forget ground facilities as different spectrographs and large surveys. The Iberian Meeting on AsteroSeismology was born within that time to boost Portuguese and Spanish asteroseismic communities. Following such spirit, up to eight meetings were celebrated.

Following the successful reinstallment of this meeting Series during pandemic restrictions, we give continuity them by welcoming the Iberian community working on asteroseismology and related fields to the 9th Iberian Meeting on Asteroseismology. After two successful online meetings, we are pleased to come back to an in person one. This will be a place to foster new collaborations and consolidate existing ones, discuss the challenges lying ahead, and find new, joint funding opportunities.

For all these reasons, we are pleased to announce the 9th Iberian Meeting in Asteroseismology, that will be held in the charming village of Montanejos (Comunidad Valenciana).


  • SOC

-Andy Moya (UV)

-Sebastià Barceló Forteza (UGR)

-Savita Mathur (IAC)

-Javier Pascual (IAA)

-Diego Bossini (IA)

-Aldo Serenelli (ICE)

-Juan Carlos Suárez (UGR)

  • LOC

-Andy Moya (UV)

-Miriam Rodríguez (UV)

-Víctor Tamames (UV)

Con el patrocinio de la Conselleria de Innovación, Universidades, Ciencia y Sociedad Digital.

Proyecto CIDEGENT/2020/036